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Unlikely Peformance

The Brits have been at it again. While it may be the case that British cars are not exactly known for quality or reliability, we certainly cannot say that the British lack automotive creativity. To back up this assertion, we present two examples for your consideration.

To start off, a simple grocery run may never be the same again, thanks to one Matt McKeown. After attaching a (small) jet engine to a shopping cart, along with go-kart wheels and a few other mods, he was able to power down the track at 44 mph. One of my high school friends joked that his ideal car would be “a shopping cart with a 4-banger and power windows,” and one can’t help but think that this would make him proud.

While McKeown is not the pioneer in this field, he is one of the fastest. The engine was an eBay find, and is the type normally used to help power the start-up of a Chinook helicopter. One thing we can say for certain is that this thing definitely deserves its own express checkout lane.

Jet-engined shopping cart

If a shopping cart seems an unlikely candidate for speed, it’s nothing compared to what the guys at Garage Insanity came up with. This shop on the Isle of Man has taken a mobility scooter and turned it up to 11. With the aid of a motorcycle engine, the Suzuki GSX-600F to be precise, 0-60 is handled in just 3 seconds, and top speed is over 150 mph. In other words, in a drag race, this mobility scooter could waste 99% of the cars in the world. As this project was underway, one of the team members was quoted as saying, “This can only be a good idea.” Looks to us like he was right.

Garage Insanity scooter

-AutoandArt staff