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The Undisputed Fastest Car... For Now

bugatti veyron ss

“Fastest Production Car in the World” is a title that, for a time, was held by… nobody?

Allow me to explain.

After its successful top-speed run, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport occupied the prestigious position of fastest production car. This world record was measured, so we thought, according to the official rules of Guinness World Records. The 268-MPH car was the undisputed fastest until a tiny detail about the Super Sport’s speed came to light.

It seems that production models of the car are equipped with a (removable) speed limiter, keeping the madness down to a mere 258 MPH, for the sake of the driver’s safety, and also that of the tires, which only last about 15 minutes at that speed. This might not sound like much of a difference, but it was enough for Guinness to temporarily revoke Bugatti’s title.

Of course, a power vacuum like this cannot exist for long in the world of hyper-fast cars. Enter Texas-based Hennessey Performance. They claim that their Venom GT reached 267 MPH, or thereabouts, on an airstrip in California. This is all well and good except for the fact that Guinness wasn’t there to certify it.

Then there’s a company called SSC who used to hold the (certified) record with their 256.14-MPH Ultimate Aero in 2007. Are they back on top, then? They certainly had high hopes during that brief interim, but Guinness World Records settled the score before too long by re-awarding the honor to Bugatti. So for now, their record is safe.

According to Car and Driver magazine, Bugatti has released a teaser photo, as automakers are prone to do. The image in the photo is not of a car, but it is of something with wheels. The photo shows the rolling doors of an aircraft hangar, slightly ajar, with a blindingly bright light showing through the opening. This can only mean one thing. No, not the world’s fastest hangar doors, but more likely the imminent reveal of a replacement for the Veyron Super Sport.

Whatever it ends up being, it is sure to amaze, and don’t be a bit surprised if there’s another world record attempt in the not-too-distant future.