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The Diesel Truck You Can Build Yourself

If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably spent half a weekend assembling a piece of furniture that came disassembled in a flat-pack container. If you got through it without minor injuries or losing your temper, we congratulate you. At the same time, we present your next challenge: assembling a flat-pack truck. Fear not; to quote Jeremy Clarkson’s famous saying, how hard could it be?

This vehicle, known simply as the OX, was designed in the UK with the idea of being a transportation solution in places such as Africa, with underdeveloped road infrastructure. Global Vehicle Trust, the company that makes the OX, says that it is simple enough that it can be assembled using only everyday skills and tools, and that it should only take three people about 11.5 hours to complete the task.

OX, by Global Vehicle Trust

The OX is well-suited to its purpose, with a wide-set track, generous ground clearance, and the ability to drive through water up to 2 ½ feet deep. In the spirit of rugged simplicity, the truck runs with a 2.2L diesel engine and manual transmission. It won’t win any drag races, but it can carry more than two tons – much more than its own weight.

OX, by Global Vehicle Trust

So, to recap: diesel engine, manual transmission, capacity for very heavy cargo, and you get to build it yourself. You never knew it existed, and you definitely don’t need it, but that may not stop you from wanting one. It certainly hasn’t stopped us.

-AutoandArt staff