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The Benefit Of Our Steel Jeep Liberty and Cherokee Window Regulator Repair Kits

By Brian Brock

Our Jeep Liberty and Cherokee Repair Kits provide the best option when dealing with a broken window bracket and here is why. Your Jeep contains a high quality window motor and regulator except for one small piece being the window bracket. The window bracket is either fully plastic or plastic/metal and is by far the weak point of the regulator. An aftermarket regulator assembly will repair the problem and although we sell them here, your OEM regulator is better.

When dealing with either a new regulator assembly or a new window bracket, you have to remove the regulator from the door. If you have to do that no matter what, a little extra time to replace the plastic OEM bracket with one of these steel repair kits is much better than replacing the entire assembly with an aftermarket regulator. Even though aftermarket regulators cost half to a quarter what a dealer part is, the OEM regulator is better. So keep it and upgrade the bracket to make the whole assembly as best as it can be.

liberty-bracket-oem.jpg liberty-bracket-aftermarket.jpg
OE window bracket - plastic and will break! Our replacement bracket - metal and made to last.


Instead of going for a new regulator, consider one of our Jeep Liberty window bracket repair kits or the Jeep Cherokee window bracket repair kit. With one of these installed, your OEM regulator will be bulletproof.

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