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Supercars For Any Budget

Papercraft Zonda

Things are not always what they seem. At first glance, this probably looks like a photo of 3 Pagani Zondas in a parking lot – certainly a photo-worthy sight, but nothing special other than that. But in fact, these are no ordinary supercars. They not only look great, but they also produce zero emissions, and are lightweight and fully recyclable, in addition to being affordable on even the tightest budget. To top it all off, you can actually build your own!

Yes indeed, these Zondas are papercraft scale models. Available for download from just $4.40 at, they are the work of graphic designer Taras Lesko. Other cars can be yours as well, including the Bugatti Veyron, which on paper is one of the world’s fastest cars (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

While you of course wouldn’t be driving these cars, this could be a welcome diversion for a car enthusiast on a budget. Whereas reality has you wrenching on the same 4-cylinder motor every weekend to keep your daily driver running, with a little patience and probably some practice, you can still own the supercar of your dreams.

- AutoandArt staff