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Restored Vintage Police Cruiser Turning Heads in Seattle

Dubai isn’t the only town that’s trying something new with their police cruisers. Seattle is mixing things up a bit too, except in their case, “something new” is actually something old. We always love to hear about old cars being restored, and this time it’s a 1970 Plymouth Satellite police cruiser. And aside from a modern radio, it’s been made to look just as it would have been back in the day.

Seattle Police Cruiser

Originally conceived as a public relations and educational tool, the car was found to be such a great ice-breaker with the public that it has been allowed to serve as a daily-use cruiser in the Seattle Police Department. This is of course a very unique situation for a car that could serve as a museum piece. This one also does just that, in fact, as a part of the Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum, which includes 14 vintage cruisers.

The response from the public has been extraordinary, and a local news outlet reports that "people will stop their cars and run across three lanes of traffic to get a picture of it and park their car in the middle of the street and block traffic.” In another instance, apparent gang members approached the Plymouth’s driver, Officer Jim Ritter, to stop and chat about the car.

Seattle Police Cruiser

Such positive attention has been invaluable for the Department. Beyond that, it certainly goes to show that the automobile is far from just transportation, but in the right context can serve as a social and relational catalyst in our society.

Plus, restored classics pretty much always look awesome, and that can’t be a bad thing.

- AutoandArt staff