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Nacho Usual Volkswagen

Being a fan of cars is a multi-dimensional thing. It can be about any or all of numerous aspects of our four-wheeled friends. For some people, it’s the exterior or interior design. For others, the engineering, or the performance specs, or the customization. For still others, it’s about where you can go and what you can do with the freedom that a car can offer. And especially in the case of this last one, we’re only limited by our imaginations.

Nacho the Volkwagen

Meet Brad and Sheena Van Orden, an Arizona couple who have set out to literally drive around the world. Their vehicle of choice? Not a plush RV with all the comforts of home life, but a humble Volkswagen.

Mind you, this isn’t just any VW. What started out as a stock 1984 VW Vanagon has been gutted and transformed into a (tiny) house on wheels, including a lot of painstakingly conceived and beautifully executed add-ons. Among them are on-board water heating and sanitation, custom cabinetry, and a solar electric system. The roof has been modified so that it pops out and becomes a tent. And of course, crowning it all, on top of the roof rack, is - what else? - a surfboard.

The modded VW, lovingly christened “Nacho”, has seen more than anyone could have imagined when it rolled off the assembly line in the early ‘80s. Somewhere in Malaysia, Nacho’s odometer clicked over to 300,000 miles. To put things in perspective, that’s further than the average distance from the earth to the moon. A lot further.

It doesn’t look like Nacho is slowing down any time soon, either. You can tag along with the Van Ordens via their website, Over a year into the trek, their travels currently find them in southeast Asia, and we’ll certainly be following them the rest of the way.

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- AutoandArt Staff