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Love Racing, and Live It

Perhaps you’re a fan of racing – not just watching it on TV, but getting down to the track yourself when occasion permits. If you’ve ever thought that every track day ends too soon, and that you wish you could just live there, then we’ve got something you need to see.

Architecture student James Schollum of New Zealand has penned this concept for a house at the Laguna Seca racetrack, at the corner known as the Corkscrew.

Design by James Schollum

Seen from above, as in the second photo, you can see how one of the main ideas of the design was to resemble two racecars coming through the corner side-by-side. The scale of the house is quite enormous, and has many viewing areas overlooking the track, as well as many other amenities such as guest suites and a glass-bottomed pool.

Design by James Schollum

The architect’s conception of this house was that it wouldn’t be so much a permanent living space, but more of a weekend retreat. Even so, we think that this would be a fine place to hang your hat – if you have the means, of course. Also, as you can tell, the house only exists in the mind of the architect and in digital renderings he created, but it never hurts to have something to aspire to.

-AutoandArt staff