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LaFerrari - A Car to Watch

Few things in the world can rival the engineering complexity of a supercar engine, so it’s even more surprising when one of those things ends up being a wristwatch.

Obviously this is no ordinary wristwatch. It was made as a fitting tribute to a car which is no ordinary car. Enter the 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari. Yes, that really is its name. It’s an excellent-looking car, and you’d expect no less from Ferrari. But the watch, called the MP-05 LaFerrari, is perhaps the most curious part of the unveiling of the new car.


Renowned high-end watchmaker Hublot designed this watch in parallel with the car. They’ve broken their own record with this watch in giving it well north of 600 moving parts. This is really astonishing when you think about the fact that there are engines out there that don’t have anywhere close to that many moving parts.

The overall visual result is certainly evocative of an engine, and with the red anodized aluminum and Ferrari logo, it couldn’t belong with any other car. Much like the vehicle it represents, this limited-run timepiece is not really meant as a daily driver, so much as a study in intricacy and complex elegance. Perhaps most astonishing of all, the entire mechanism is a wind-up operation that uses no electricity. All those moving parts collect enough tension to move the dials for 50 days in between windings.

MP-05 LaFerrari

As you can see in the photo, using this device to tell time is not as simple and quick as it is with most watches, but it’s awfully pretty to look at.

- AutoandArt staff