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Fewer Wheels For More Fun?

If you could change one thing about your car, what would it be? If you said “fewer wheels”, then we’ve got some things to show you.

It turns out that there are more options than you might have guessed, for those of us who prefer to get around in 3-wheeled style. First up is the Morgan 3 Wheeler, of British* provenance, newly brought back in 2011 after a more than 50-year hiatus. This one looks like it was made from a World War I fighter plane, and you’d look out of place in it if you weren’t dressed as a Flying Ace. This serves a practical purpose as well as an esthetic one, since the car (if you can call it that) has no roof and a very minimal windshield. Its simple V-twin engine makes for very modest performance, but the appeal of its uniqueness is undeniable.

Morgan 3-Wheeler

If you prefer something that at least might remind you of your current car, look no further than the Elio. There’s no set date when it will be on sale, but the folks at Elio Motors have provided a curious world with a few basic stats, according to The Elio can surpass 100 MPH, can reach 60 in under 10 seconds, and will have a starting price of under $7000. But even that isn’t the best part. This little lime wedge has a 3-cylinder, purely internal combustion engine, and is purported to get 84 miles to the gallon, which blows away every (admittedly larger) hybrid on the market today. In the world of experimental car design, things like this can sometimes disappear overnight, but the Elio is an interesting one to watch.


Now we take a step to the edge of the sci-fi/fantasy world. If three wheels are still too many for you, would you dare take a ride in a 2-wheeled car? Of course, you would be right to say that a 2-wheeled car doesn’t technically “exist”, but it used to, and it might again. We are talking about the 1967 one-off creation of Alex Tremulis. It’s the Gyro-X, and it balanced with surprising stability on just two wheels with the aid of a hydraulic gyroscope. The Gyro-X is undergoing a restoration to return it to its former glory, and perhaps we can be forgiven for hoping that it inspires brand new projects and prototypes to see where this sort of technology can get us.


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