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Catching up with Automotive Artist Charles Maher

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the creations of automotive artist Charles Maher. Charles is a multi-talented artist whose work has appeared on such publications as AutoWeek, Sports Car Market, Racer, and Road & Track, as well as Mustang Monthly, Automobile, and Car Collector magazines. His bright colors and distinctive style make his work recognizable, and give it a classic appeal.


Old Friends – Red by Charles Maher


Pony Car by Charles Maher

Our exchange with Charles went something like this:

Auto and Art: What got you into doing automotive art?

Charles Maher: I was hired by Ford Motor co. as a designer after graduating from college. Sketching cars was a career. I also enjoyed seeing other people’s art work in Road & Track, Car and Driver and other publications. Made me think about painting pictures for the sake of the art work as well as for design.


A&A: Who is a favorite automotive artist of yours?

CM: I have a few. I really like Walter Gotschke's work. Also admire Ken Dallison and Tom Fritz’s work.


A&A: What inspires you to create automotive art?

CM: I get inspirations from all types of things. Sometimes it’s the car, sometimes it’s the background, sometimes an historic moment.


A&A: What are you doing when you’re not creating? What (other) hobbies do you have?

CM: I'm pretty good at woodworking. I have built a number of solid body electric guitars. Also kayak a little and shoot some pool. Bike riding.


A&A: Do you have any tips for aspiring automotive artists?

CM: Do it because you love doing it. If money is important, think about something else. That being said, my love of automotive art has given me unbelievable opportunities to go places, to associate with car people (some of the finest drivers in the world) and drive some really really cool cars.

If someone does want to pursue this however, work on the fundamentals. Learn how to draw well, learn about color, study other successful peoples work. Go to museums and race tracks.


Charles’ work can be found online at