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AutoandArt Journal

How a Long Road Trip Can Hone Your Drumming Skills

We’ve all done it, right? You’re at a traffic light, and the song on the radio has some amazing drumming going on, and you can’t help but join in. There’s no shame in being a steering wheel drummer, and in fact, someone out there even has a plan to enhance the experience.

Unlikely Peformance

A simple grocery run may never be the same again, thanks to one Matt McKeown. After attaching a (small) jet engine to a shopping cart, along with go-kart wheels and a few other mods, he was able to power down the track at 44 mph.

Catching Up With Automotive Artist Bernardo Corman

When we think of great automotive art, it’s usually painting, photography, or another two-dimensional medium that comes to mind. Bernardo Corman’s work brings another dimension, literally and figuratively, to the automotive art world. His pop-surreal automotive sculptures are as uncommon as they are striking.

Restored Vintage Police Cruiser Turning Heads in Seattle

Dubai isn’t the only town that’s trying something new with their police cruisers. Seattle is mixing things up a bit too, except in their case, “something new” is actually something old. We always love to hear about old cars being restored, and this time it’s a 1970 Plymouth Satellite police cruiser. And aside from a modern radio, it’s been made to look just as it would have been back in the day.

The Plane Truth About Flying Cars

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been stuck in a traffic jam and wished your car could sprout wings and fly away – maybe even take off vertically. Well, there could come a time, sooner than you think, when something very much like that will be possible.

Print Out Your Own Car?

All of us have used a printer for something, and probably recently, but there’s one thing that most of us would never expect to see coming out of a printer – a new car.

The Plymouth XNR: One of a Kind, But Never Alone

It’s not every day you see a car that has traveled the world, and yet has only 4 miles on the odometer. And it’s even less often that you see this one, a one-off concept called the Plymouth XNR. This beauty was designed in 1960 by one Virgil Exner, who at the time was the vice-president in charge of styling at Chrysler.