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AutoandArt Journal

The New Bumblebee - More Than Meets The Eye?

Production of the newest Transformers movie is in full swing, and director Michael Bay has given us a first look at the cars that will be playing the Autobots in this installment. Even if you’re not a fan of the Transformers franchise as such, these cars are worth a look for any enthusiast.

Catching up with Automotive Artist Barry Cleveland

Barry Cleveland is an artist who renders custom cars using digital imaging in his home studio in Pennsylvania. His passion for cars started in high school, continues today, and was fundamental in developing a proprietary technique he uses to create art of American classic cars.

Nacho Usual Volkswagen

Being a fan of cars is a multi-dimensional thing. It can be about any or all of numerous aspects of our four-wheeled friends. For some people, it’s the exterior or interior design. For others, the engineering, or the performance specs, or the customization. For still others, it’s about where you can go and what you can do with the freedom that a car can offer. And especially in the case of this last one, we’re only limited by our imaginations.