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The Benefit Of Our Steel Jeep Liberty and Cherokee Window Regulator Repair Kits

Our Jeep Liberty and Cherokee Repair Kits provide the best option when dealing with a broken window bracket and here is why. Your Jeep contains a high quality window motor and regulator except for one small piece being the window bracket. The window bracket is either fully plastic or plastic/metal and is by far the weak point of the regulator.

Great Kit for Fixing the Armrest in a S10, Sonoma, Blazer or Jimmy

If you have the 60/40 bucket seats in your S10, Sonoma, Blazer or Jimmy, chances are that your console lid is broken or will break soon.

An Aston That Would Make James Bond Jealous

Many of the greatest examples of automotive beauty are those that grace us with their presence only once. All of us can probably name a concept car that we saw at an auto show or somewhere similar that was truly mind-blowing, and never duplicated. These are the cars you never forget.

The RC Car For Grown-up Kids

The folks at Mammuth Works have come up with a man-sized version of the gas-powered toy from our youth. The “Rewarron” is the name of their 1/3-scale, six -foot RC truck. Starting at $5500, it has more features than a lot of cars on the road right now, including ABS, traction control, and an optional touch-screen system for controlling everything from brake balance to telemetry.

The Million-Mile Porsche

For a car enthusiast, we might say that cars fall into two categories: classics on one hand and daily drivers on the other. Rare and envied is the enthusiast who can manage to combine these into the same car. Even rarer is the classic daily driver that has stupendously high mileage and still looks great.

Catching Up With Automotive Artist Chris Nielsen

Southern California is well-known for its car culture, and where there’s a strong car culture, great art is sure to follow. Case in point: the fine art and illustration of Chris Nielsen. Chris uses digital media to create a kind of visual art that he calls “stylized photorealism”.

The Newest Member of the VW Family

Volkswagen is an automaker that has an unusually varied portfolio. On one hand they’re the parent company of Bugatti, makers of the world’s fastest production car. On the other hand, they’ve recently come up with something called the XL1. It is a diesel-electric hybrid that is purported to achieve 261 miles per gallon.

Love Racing, and Live It

Perhaps you’re a fan of racing – not just watching it on TV, but getting down to the track yourself when occasion permits. If you’ve ever thought that every track day ends too soon, and that you wish you could just live there, then we’ve got something you need to see.

The Diesel Truck You Can Build Yourself

If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably spent half a weekend assembling a piece of furniture that came disassembled in a flat-pack container. If you got through it without minor injuries or losing your temper, we congratulate you. At the same time, we present your next challenge: assembling a flat-pack truck.

How a Long Road Trip Can Hone Your Drumming Skills

We’ve all done it, right? You’re at a traffic light, and the song on the radio has some amazing drumming going on, and you can’t help but join in. There’s no shame in being a steering wheel drummer, and in fact, someone out there even has a plan to enhance the experience.