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Auto Repair Diagnosis Tool can See Sounds

You know the drill. You’re driving down the road, minding your own business, and you start to hear it. A weird sound coming from the engine – maybe a rattle, a squeak, or the always-troubling knock. You try to ignore it, but your mind starts telling you that doing that could be costly. So you take it to a mechanic, and either the car won’t replicate the sound, they can’t tell where it’s coming from, or maybe they fix something else entirely, leaving the car still making the sound you brought it in with.

A joint project by Hyundai and a company known as SM Technologies may just have the solution to your problem. Maybe. If not, they certainly came up with an interesting toy. It’s called the SeeSv-S205, and if that isn’t self-explanatory enough, it’s like a portable camera for detecting sounds. It “sees” sounds with the aid of a spiral-shaped array of 30 small, sensitive microphones.


Its output is something like a colored image that you’d get from a thermal camera, so if you opened your car’s hood and pointed the sound camera at the engine bay, you get a color-coded visual map of all the sounds coming from the various moving parts.

Of course, it may take a well-trained eye (and ear?) to know what sounds don’t belong there, and no one seems to know how much lighter your wallet will be after acquiring this device. That said, the day may come when it will be practical enough for the home mechanic to have in his arsenal of tools. This could be invaluable, considering that the lion’s share of the difficulty in auto repair is in the diagnosis.

The great thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be only for automotive use. Thinkers in various corners of the internet have suggested that it could be used for anything from pest control to nighttime surveillance. And who knows – maybe you’ll finally be able to visually prove to your teenager that they need to turn their music down.

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- AutoandArt Staff