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An Aston That Would Make James Bond Jealous

Many of the greatest examples of automotive beauty are those that grace us with their presence only once. All of us can probably name a concept car that we saw at an auto show or somewhere similar that was truly mind-blowing, and never duplicated. These are the cars you never forget.

We hope you will permit us to add just one more to the list – a 1956 creation of Ghia coachworks called the Supersonic, based on an Aston Martin chassis. It was first owned by Richard Cowell, a personal friend of David Brown, the boss of Aston Martin at the time. In 1958, Cowell gave it to his wife, but it was soon sold when the couple divorced a year later. It’s had many owners over the years, including many notable collectors.

Five and a half decades will take a toll on any car, but after undergoing a painstaking restoration that is estimated to have cost up to $400,000, the Aston is in better-than-new condition. It is now on display in the lobby of Sotheby’s auction house in Manhattan.

This of course means that if you have the resources, you could be the next owner. The one-of-a-kind collector’s item is to be part of a classic car auction that will be held at Sotheby’s in November, the first of its kind in Manhattan for many years. It’s estimated that the Supersonic could fetch up to $2 million when it goes under the hammer.

-AutoandArt staff