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A Tale of Two Fleets

Two cars are stopped on the side of a highway. One of them is a police cruiser. One of them is a Lamborghini. Or maybe a Ferrari, or a BMW 5 series. You’ve probably seen something like this before, right?


The cop car and the supercar are the same one. Impossible? Not if you live in Dubai. Playing up the town’s already-legendary status as a haven for money and all of its trappings, the Dubai police force have made this dream a reality. They recently added a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador to their fleet. Apparently suffering from loneliness, the Aventador invited a few new friends over, including a Camaro, a Ferrari FF, and a 5-series. According to a local news service, a Bentley and a Mercedes are soon to join the lineup.

Dubai Police Lamborghini

As you might expect, it’s pretty much just for show. Those pricey wheels won’t be doing J-turns to chase down bad guys any time soon. They’re to be used instead for “security”, meaning that they’ll be driven in and near tourist spots to impress foreigners. This just may do the trick. On the other hand, in a city known for flashiness and excessively pushing boundaries, they might blend in better than something more modest would.

This is all in stark contrast to another new fleet of vehicles in another of the world’s most famous cities. New York City is conducting a pilot program to introduce a new type of car to its fleet of taxicabs. No, not supercars, since you’d be hard-pressed to get into the backseat of most of them anyway (if there even is one), but rather the polar opposite: the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

NYC Leaf Taxi

What these bug-eyed frogs lack in style they could make up for in future practicality. A half-dozen of them are being pressed into service on the streets of the Big Apple to see, among other things, if their battery life is up to the task. Fast-charging stations provided by Nissan could alleviate the ever-present range anxiety. So next time you’re in New York, you might try to be among the lucky few to be whisked away to your destination accompanied by the hum of an electric motor.

- AutoandArt staff